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At Biotic Eco-Tech, we believe that everybody should be able to enjoy the beauty that nature has to offer us, and breathe clean and fresh air. With our products, we will bring the forest into your home or office and create beautiful living pieces of decoration so that you can enjoy nature without having to leave your home.

Decorating your home or office with plants has many benefits. Plants are able to filter toxins out of the air and provide you with clean and fresh air. They reduce stress and increase productivity and they provide a relaxing atmosphere. Besides that, they will also look good, no matter where you put them.

We specialize in the design and construction of vivarium’s and planted displays. While designing our products, we try to replicate a natural look as much as possible to make our products look like they are literally a small piece of forest. Combining this natural look with an attractive design will result in a finished product that is guaranteed to be an eye catcher and give your home or workspace a true green and eco-friendly look.

Next to that, we also offer various exotic animals for sale. For now, we are able to export most amphibian and reptile species native to peninsular Malaysia. We take the best possible care of our animals to make sure they arrive our customers in a good and healthy condition.

About us

Planted displays are a great way to add a touch of green in your interior. Our planted displays come in many different sizes and shapes, making them suitable for every office or livingroom.

With our vivariums, we offer you a slice of rainforest to display in your own living room. All our enclosures are custom build for our customers and are also perfectly suitable to house different types of reptiles and amphibians.