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At Biotic Eco-Tech,  we try to stand out from other exporters by offering the highest possible quality of animals and excellent customer service. We try to take the best possible care of the animals we collect so that they receive our customers in good condition. We are a licensed collector and exporter, thus all of our animals come with the necessary documents. We always go the extra length for our customers, trying to get rare and hard to find species for our customers to sell, or for their own private collections.

If you are interested in ordering animals through us, please contact us and request for a pricelist.

Export terms :

1. No live arrival guarantee on Amphibians.

2. No live arrival guarantee on delayed shipments or improper handling by the carrier.

3. Claims of dead animals must be made within 24 hours upon receiving the shipment. Claims must be accompanied

by photographic evidence and specific details and must be send to Biotic-ecotech@outlook.com.

4. A deposit of 50 % of the total order amount is to be paid upon confirmation of the order, unless specifically stated differently.

5. The paid deposit is strictly non refundable once animals have been collected and permits have been applied for by us. canceling your order after this will result in the deposit being forfeited

6. The outstanding payment of the order has to be in our bank account before the order is shipped out.

7. The Purchaser agrees to pay for all licences, microchips and permits that are necessary to export the order.
8. We are not responsible for any delays due to issues with permits, licences, flight bookings etc.